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Our team here at New York Robotic Gynecology & Women’s Health, understands that it can be difficult to walk into an all-male doctor’s office when the concern is about your reproductive health, so our team is comprised primarily of passionate female physicians who are patient-centered and focused on individualized healthcare. Our staff may provide excellent and comprehensive gynecological medical services, but it is our attention to individual choice that makes our office one of the best in New York.   Our unique process ensures that all patients are informed about their treatment options and are listened to as we guide them through the available healthcare choices.  With this said, please take a look at our passionate team.

Sarah HJ. Kim

Nurse Practitioner

Although Sarah Kim had originally worked in the financial sector for three years, she switched her major to nursing. After graduating with a BSN from Hunter College, she worked in the surgical unit at the Jacobi Medical Center for 3 years, serving for pre/post surgical patients. While pursuing her Master’s in Nursing at Lehman College, her interest in gynecological practice brought her into NY Robotic Gynecology as a student where she was trained by Dr. Joon Song throughout her curriculum. Now, she mainly works for primary care in gynecology as a licensed Nurse Practitioner.

Emily Liang


Emily Liang joined our team after completing her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences in 2017. On the behalf of patients, she schedules and manages all surgical treatment plans and options from beginning to end. This involves keeping patients informed and up-to-date on their surgical schedule and pre-testing procedures.  She communicates with other healthcare organizations daily to ensure smooth operations. She is well-versed in dealing with pharmaceutical administration for the receipt of necessary medications and treatment options.

Grace Park


Grace Park’s main role is to help our patients with their financial and insurance needs. She has Science in Biological Sciences in 2016 and is well-versed in all current and relevant insurance policies.   In today’s healthcare industry, good communication with insurance companies is crucial for maintaining productive relationships with them. This is beneficial for both the patient and the provider.

Brenda Acevedo

Medical Assistance

We know and understand that coming into and sitting in a gynecologist’s office can be difficult and uncomfortable, which is why we employ Brenda Acevedo, a sweet and comforting medical assistant. If you are nervous, anxious, or uncomfortable, Brenda can help put you at ease with her medical knowledge and professionalism.

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