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Treatment options (Surgical management)


Endometriosis, being a chronic illness, is likely to recur within the years following a surgery.Although some may claim that thorough excision of all the tissue related to the illness can effectively cure the condition, it is impossible to completely do so. That is why even after a surgical treatment to remove the endometriotic implants, careful and thorough medical maintenance is required following. It is a temporary method of relief and comes with risks of side effects relevant to surgery. In the case of surgery, treatment options include surgical resection, which is the removal of endometriotic implants and nerve transection.


Although we reserve surgical intervention as the final option for cases of high severity in pain and discomfort, Dr. Song is always ready and prepared for such cases. He has over 20 years of clinical experience with over 3,000 robotic-assisted and laparoscopic procedures performed.

CSATS (a peer-reviewed quality assurance program) has certified Dr. Song as a top surgeon in the field of myomectomy. Thus, surgery is deemed the best option for treatment or immediate results, Dr. Song is not only experienced and highly capable in the specific field, but also promotes minimal invasiveness through robotic-assisted surgeries. Robotic aid ensures the highest level of control and accuracy that exceeds that of a manual surgery, but as previously stressed, surgery should be the final line of defense in the case that medical treatment and management is not adequate.

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